Photo Album Offer from Ink Factory – Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges

March 29, 2011

Everyone knows that replacement ink cartridges can be expensive, but if you’re looking for a cheap way to stock up on your home computing essentials, head over to Ink Factory where you’ll find year-round low prices on branded cartridges (including Canon, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Brother, Epson, and Kodak) plus a wide range other low cost accessories including refill kits, photo papers, blank CD-Roms and toners.

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Plus, for a limited time only, spend over £10 and purchase a fantastic printable photo album for just £2.

Shop online with print cartridge specialists Ink Factory and get 9% cashback
It’s a great way to display your favourite snaps, and looks professional with no sticking or cutting required. Simply design your printable photo album by installing the software and dragging the pictures you want into the spaces available using your computer. Then print the album out and click the sheets into the ring binder provided.

Each album has enough space for 80 photos. It’s quick, practical and so easy, even a child could do it!

Shop with Ink Factory today and earn 9% cashback!


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