Britain Saving Millions in the Switch to LED Lighting!

People in the UK are seeing the light by switching to LED bulbs!

A recent survey has revealed that, despite the United Kingdom lagging behind some of our European neighbours when it comes to buying LED bulbs, this is quickly changing as more people see the light.

In a climate where energy bills are rocketing, it is hard to ignore the benefits of LED lighting, given that each bulb could save its owner more than £100 during its working life. Multiply this by all the bulbs in the average British home and it is hard not to agree that switching is a no-brainer.

The initial cost may be higher, but the long-term savings should more than off-set this (and LED lights are better for the environment!). Experts are so convinced that more people will make the switch, they are predicting a twelve fold increase in the number of LED light bulbs sold over the next ten years.

Climbing up the European League Tables

A recent investigation by the Read more »

Our Four Must-Visit Websites for 2014!

With an estimated 734 million websites and the indexed web contains at least 4.42 billion pages, finding anything worthwhile on the net is becoming an increasingly unappetising task. So what most of us end up doing is visiting the same five or six websites in rotation. We’re losing out on enjoying the incredible experiences the web has to offer.

The bods in our office spend more time on the web than most, with some of our netheads spending 80+ hours on their computers, so we thought we’d help you to find that proverbial needle in a haystack by recommending four of our favourite websites for 2014. It’s a deliberately eclectic selection, to present you with the types of websites you’ve probably never visited before.

1. Mediolana is a global educational products and services company based in Kensington in London. They will shortly be launching guides to improve your study skills and thereby be more successful in life. Visit their portal and its Read more »

Not Getting a Good Night's Sleep? Try this Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece and Earn £8.00 Cashback

While experts and doctors often recommend getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night, many of us suffer endless nights of interrupted rest leaving us tired, exhausted and irritable the next day.

Snoring, whether yours or a partner’s, can really have a negative impact on daily life - but help is at hand from Good Morning Snore Solution who offer a revolutionary anti-snoring mouthpiece developed by top sleep researchers in Canada.

With online testimonials and valid clinical data, their mouthpiece is proven to be significantly more comfortable and effective than other devices such as head straps, sprays or pillows and has been shown to be effective in up to 70% of snorers.

Mirror Cashback customers can earn £8.00 cashback - click here to place your order online and try it risk free for 60 days!

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